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Orientation Week provides a unique opportunity to connect with the future of business. With a second to none job placement rate in Canada, the Smith School of Business shapes today's students into tomorrow's business leaders. By partnering with Smith Commerce Orientation Week, your company will have the unique opportunity to reach the future front-runners of today's competitive business environment.

By partnering with Smith Commerce Orientation Week, you will gain access to a large and diverse community of future business leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Each student in the program is selected on the basis of outstanding character, academic prowess, and impressive life experiences. While at Smith, students learn how to apply valuable qualitative and quantitative skills that they carry beyond their university careers. Small class sizes, a dedicated Career Advancement Centre, renowned faculty, and a large and diverse Commerce Society set the Smith School of Business apart from any other undergraduate business program!



Meet Smith Commerce Orientation Week's Sponsorship Coordinator.

Rhea Huq


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